My 6 months plan


It's been a while. I don't any explanation, just nothing happened.
I have six months left in UK. It's a short and long-term and I don't want to have any regrets so I made a 6 months plan on Google Drive for my next weekends.

First of all, this Sunday I'm going to Brighton. It's going to be a sunny day, it would be perfect. I've found some restaurants where we could eat and some places to go. Do you know Brighton ? I just knew there is the sea. I love the sea, it's so relaxing.
I have a new camera so I hope the footage will be alright.
If you want to follow in live you can follow me on Instagram : hey_colette

After that, in February I will be back in London, I want to go to Sea World (especially since the episode of Sherlock ;) ) and I don't know what else to do but I will find out. The weekend of 18th I will be in Cardiff on my own. For the first I'm going to stay in a hostel. I'm kind of afraid but excited as well. Finally Oxford, also in February.

For March, Birmingham, Bath and Bristol are programmed. I've just noticed all these cities begin with the letter B, weird. By the way, if you know any hostel in this city let me know I'm still looking !

April is going to be awesome. I will go in Manchester and Edinburgh ! And May will be great as well because I'm going to visit Harry Potter studios and Dublin :D

So if you know things to do, places to eat in any of these cities please let me know ! I don't want to miss anything !


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