It's important to be proud of yourself.


I told you in my first post of 2017 that the theme of food will be an important part of my blog this year. One of my resolutions of the year is to eat better. A lot of people takes this resolution. Of course, the first week seems easy. Maybe the first month as well. But in the long run it's harder to keep the motivation.
For this first week of the year, I'm proud of myself because I still have the motivation and hope to have it until I reach my goals.

If you're taking the same path as me and afraid to be alone I can be here for you. Join me on Instagram and Facebook, talk to me, share with me why today was easy or hard for you. We can talk and rediscover your motivation if you are losing it. I think it's easier when you have someone who takes the same difficult path as you. I'm going to publish motivation quotes and meals on my social media so don't hesitate to join me :

Instagram : @hey_colette
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 This week I've been proud of myself and I think it's important.


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