How I see 2017 for the blog.


As you know (unless you're living on another planet) we are now in 2017. So hard to believe this, I still remember when we were in 2015 and everybody said it's the year of the movie Back in the future 2, where are the flying cars ? And now we already are two years later.

I thought a lot about what I want to do on my blog and YouTube. For YouTube I want to make more videos but I'm afraid to go nowhere, to be too much scattered. Also I don't want limits. I want to talk (I'm not really talking on my YouTube channel but you know what I mean) about food and my travels. As you know (or not) I'm a French living in UK so I'm travelling a lot around UK and France. Lately I've been in Cambridge, video is coming ! And this month I'm going to Oxford :)

I will begin (and I hope hold it) a food rebalancing. I'm not satisfied about how and what I eat and my skin remembers it to me every day.

Also, I want to talk series. Because I live for. So it's logical I will talk about. Which is your favorite ? Sherlock is back :D

And, I want to product my own beauty products like masks or scrubs and share recipes with you.


What do you think ?
Things can change but I think it's a good start :)
I'm back in the game !


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