Perversion is my savior // 6th December 2016


I know, I'm late, again. And I have no excuses I've just been lazy lately.

It's been years that I'm using the same mascara. Scandaleyes by Rimmel and i thought it was perfect. Obviously I was wrong. I bought my Naked on the Run two years ago but not really use it. (I know, such a shame for the price !) Recently I've surprised myself to use more than usual my Naked 2 and On the Run. It is where everything begins. I've used the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay and it was amazing.
I always thought 'Oh well that's just a mascara, what difference' but there is one ! My eyelashes see the difference ! I see the difference on them ! They are more long, natural and perfect. I never thought I can be out of words for beauty product but this mascara changes how I see things.
I found myself really dumb to have it all this time and not using it.

I made a makeup video with this mascara and my new Makeup Revolution palette named Mermaids Forever.


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