Hi everyone !


Hello everyone !
This is not my first blog but this is my first blog post in English. I used to work on Wordpress but this time I chose Blogger because I don't want to make things complicate. I just open this blog because I opened a YouTube channel and I think it's great to also have a blog. Also because I plan to not talk in my vids so I can talk to you here.
If I have to present myself I would like to say I'm 23, french but currently living in UK, Harry Potter fan and got bachelor degree in web marketing. I quickly made a page about myself if you want to know more. Tell me about you, I would love to know :)
In this blog ( and on my YouTube Channel) there is no main subject, I will talk about everything I care about or I love, I hope you will enjoy it.
I also think post everyday (when I have time) a little feeling about my day with three positive things that happened, do you think it's a good idea ?

Left a comment with your blog or YouTube channel or Instagram or anything you want to share with me :)

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